In addition to healthy nutrition, hydration, and regular care, sleep as well plays an important role in preserving the health and beauty of our face and body. This has been known for a long time. At night, the cells of our face renew eight times faster. Although the body is at rest, our skin is active and has a clear effect on the visible signs of aging. In a lying, relaxed position, the temperature of our body decreases by about half a degree, but the blood begins to circulate more strongly through the skin, feeding it with oxygen and other substances. Hormonal changes then generate new proteins and eliminate the effects of stress and UV radiation. We all know that this is the main reason why in some people the DNA decays faster or ages faster.

Beauty sleep, as it is popularly called, is most effective when it lasts between seven and nine hours. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that the bed you sleep on is sufficiently hard and soft enough to follow the S-shape of our spine.

More often, the side-sleeping position can lead to a “wrinkled” facial side in the morning. In young people, this quickly disappears, within half an hour, but with age… As we lose elastin and collagen in the skin, these signs are staying longer on the face. If you add a short or narrow bed, an inappropriate mattress, a too-soft pillow … the awakening really becomes a morning “nightmare”, and instead of new energy and fresh looks you will get a compliment that you “Look like a wreck”.

It is well known that sleep occurs in phases: the pre-REM and REM phase. But why do we need sleep? Put simply, its synapse fatigue. Information is transmitted within our nervous system in the form of a signal – a nerve impulse. When an impulse is transmitted from one nerve cell to another, a “conductor” is used – a synapse, a connection between two nerve cells. After long mental work or waking state, the synapses are tired. These are all familiar signs (decrease in concentration, slow reflexes, eyelids become heavier…) which we must respect. Body and mind are looking for a good night’s sleep.

That’s why the little changes we bring to our nightlife, are great for our face, body, and psyche.

Schlafgarten wishes you a good night’s sleep