The Schlafgarten foam mattresses are made of latex foam, memory foam and HR foam (high resilience) and are premium quality products in terms of material quality and production quality. Foams from which the skilful hands of the craftsmen of Schlafgarten make these mattresses are the best in their class: they are much denser than foams that are normally used in mattress making. They are made using “open-cell” technology, which means these foams have excellent ventilation (they “breathe”), as well as excellent thermal properties – they do not retain moisture and the foam is bacteria and mite unfriendly.

Latex foam, the basic material that makes the mattresses Latex and CocoLatex, is made of rubber and is 100% natural. It has excellent physical properties: an ideal molecular structure that resembles the muscle tissue of living things, giving it an extraordinary balance of power and adaptability. The impression that most people have when lying on latex foam is a “firm softness”. Such an impression is the result of a real physical relief of the contact points with the pad (so-called load points), combined with a sufficient support of the spine. The result of sleeping on the latex foam is a calm, continuous, relaxing sleep.

 Memory foam is an elastic polyurethane foam. NASA laboratories have been developing this foam for decades. The Schlafgarten Memo-Cell mattress is made of high-quality memory- or viscoelastic foam, which ensures the maximum comfort this material can offer. The main feature of this foam is its excellent adaptability to the body of the sleeper, which provides superior comfort. It’s made in “open-cell” technology so it’s exceptionally breathable.

All mattresses comply with the applicable standard according to SCS D. E2. 103 and 103/1, certified by the JUAT accredited control organization according to JUS ISO / IEC 17020.