With this model we have introduced the best of modern foams and transformed our mattresses into high quality sleep products. Technological advancement offers combinations of the finest foams, which is optimized so that it provides additional comfort, without losing firmness.



The heart of each of our mattresses is handmade Schlafgarten core.

The handmade core, patented by Schlafgarten, incorporates 35% more springs than the machine-made core, so each spring is less loaded. Our core lasts longer and has far better orthopedic-medical properties. Why is that important?

Schlafgarten’s patented handmade core has 4 spring connection points, as opposed to 2 points for machine-made cores. This allows the pressure forces on the core to be evenly distributed not only on one spring but on 9 springs, so that each spring is subjected to up to 9 times less load, which affects the durability of the core and improves its properties.

The patented Schlafgarten handmade core contains excellent orthopedic and medicinal properties.

The patented Schlafgarten handmade core behaves like a big air bellows, which ensures smooth airflow and allows for continuous ventilation of the mattress.


Comfort and orthopedic-medical properties are at a very high level and we have provided them with a combination of quality materials and ultimate production by the Schlafgarten craftsmen with decades of experience in our company. We have thermo-fixed, high quality, and very dense felt combined with coconut fibers in the so-called protective layer to hold our carefully bound core together.


Comfortable layer = comfortable breathable foam

In Schlafgarten we do not use ordinary, everyday polyurethane foams, so you cannot find sponge in our products. Schlafgarten products contain only high-quality foams, technical novelties including HR (high resilience) foam. This is a standard in which we do not compromise. Why is that important? The quality of the foam material can be judged by several criteria: density, elasticity, air permeability.

We use foam with increased density, so our foams are more than 70% denser than conventional foams, which contributes to the longevity of the mattress. That is why Schlafgarten mattresses do not change their characteristics over the years.

The flexibility of the foam, however, is proportional to the comfort offered by the mattress pad. Foams that we incorporate into Schlafgarten mattresses have a high degree of elasticity and adaptability to your usual sleeping positions.

In Schlafgarten we use 100% air-permeable foam (manufactured in “open-cell” technology), which ensures excellent ventilation of the mattress.

Over the past years, in repeated tests, we have achieved an ideal level of HR foam, which, in addition to its large density, has all these properties.

However, this mattress is more than the standard we are aiming for!

The exceptional comfort this mattress offers has been achieved through the combination of foams in the comfort layer, making it a compatible support for the CORE zone. The highly elastic MEMORY FOAM makes it possible to adjust to the body anatomy of the sleeper and the unpleasant sinking sensation, which often occurs with not properly designed mattresses, was annulled with an additional layer of HR foam. You will find that, as with other models, we have carefully crafted this “recipe” by analyzing our customers’ suggestions, as well as the available offerings on the market, therefore we are proud that this mattress is a set of experience from us as the manufacturer and our loyal customers.

Since the mattresses get deformed most at the side parts when sitting on them, we have additionally reinforced this combination of comfortable softness and solid interior with lateral reinforcements, so firmness and durability are achieved.


MEMORY FOAM, an innovation developed at NASA, has long been an absolute trend, presented like many revolutionary products as a permanent solution. Over time, this highly resilient foam got more and more opponents, which turned the public away from the purchase of sleep products based on memory foam. This anti-campaign led to a transformation in the market within just few years. Buyers who once wanted to buy everything that had MEMORY in the name, are now looking for old, more traditional materials. So what is the truth about the usefulness of MEMORY foam? It is definitively a modern material whose main characteristic is that it adapts to the temperature which corresponds to the body temperature of the pressure-exerting object (in this case the body of the sleeper), and is made in the so-called “open-cell” technology, which means that layers are formed in the matrix , through which the air can flow. Due to its much greater density than standard foams, this material also promises excellent durability and longevity. Many sleepers who used ill-conceived products with a MEMORY-rich layer complained of perspiration, neck problems, the sensation of “sinking in mud”, and paradoxically, under a strong anti-campaign, the foam became synonymous with discomfort. In fact, the truth is that MEMORY is an outstanding material, but only superior if its height and position in the mattress are optimized to give it the best qualities. After a long test phase and many pilot models, we have created an ideal ratio of the height of the MEMORY layer in the Schlafgarten sleep system, but given its weaknesses, we have added the comfort layer and other foams that produce the so-called “comfort gradient”. The comfort layer produced in this manner provides the best in MEMORY and pleasant comfort, without the “capturing” softness effect, precisely because the layer rests on another made of denser HR foam, and finally a strong handmade core that gives the whole mattress a good support.


The COVER layer as the link between your body and the inside of the mattress has several functions, so you and your mattress are equally protected. Therefore, careful selection of materials is crucial to provide the following properties that are compatible with other mattress components and meet the principles upon which our philosophy of quality sleep is based.

The SUPRAMEMORY model has progressed in the composition of the COVER layer, as this mattress is dressed in a cover of innovative fabrics containing TENCEL ™ lyocell fibers of plant origin, so that this material offers the best that a blend of nature and modern technology can provide: tenderness and softness at touch, ventilation and moisture removal, bacteria inaccessibility, electrostatic neutrality, longevity in repeated maintenance cycles.  TENCEL VLAKNA

The cover of the Schlafgarten mattresses is made of high-quality materials that give them the following properties:

The capillary structure of the materials from which our covers are made allows air permeability and provides optimal microclimate conditions beneath the sleeper, supporting the concept of “breathing mattress”.

Our covers are an exception on the market, not only in terms of the type of materials, but also by the yield we produce them with, in double height, i.e. in double weaving , which ensures outstanding durability and resilience. Such extensive consumption of materials reduces the quilting level of the cover, which, otherwise, compromises its elasticity. Therefore, our covers further support the comfort offered by the high-quality COMFORT ZONE foams.

The elasticity of the materials from which our covers are manufactured also contributes to the comfort and emphasizes the effect offered by the materials in the COMFORT ZONE.  The covers are extremely elastic, which is in connection with the comfort they provide the sleeper with. Without these qualities, the rigid, inelastic cover would significantly reduce the comfort effect of the comfort layer.

The covers sewn in Schlafgarten are removable, their hygiene is easy to maintain by washing in the washing machine in a 40 °C-cycle. This, along with the microstructure that dissipates moisture from the body of the sleeper, helps to improve the hygiene of the bed. In addition, the covers for double mattresses are made of two pieces so that they can be washed in standard- volume washing machines, i.e. at home, thereby avoiding additional costs for dry cleaning.


Do you know that, while sleeping, a person loses up to 200 liters of fluid per year? The fluid released during sleep, will not remain “trapped” on the surface only when the mattress is made from such material and layers that allow airflow. In this way, excess water and perspiration evaporate throughout the day, preventing the formation of a micro ambient that matches the development of mites and bacteria, and creating a sensation of moisture and discomfort.

Each Schlafgarten mattress offers exceptional properties in terms of airflow through the mattress, creating a dry and healthy sleeping environment.


SUPRA MEMORY is a mattress that appeals to those who value uncompromising comfort combined with high quality materials, sleepers yearning to sink gently into sleep followed by a refreshing rest.

For the SUPRA MEMORY model, Schlafgarten provides a 15-year guarantee on the unchanged properties of the core if used on a flat surface.

The SUPRA MEMORY model is produced by Schlafgarten in many sizes, as well as in non-standard sizes and shapes.