When we created KING, we intended to offer a mattress that leaves a mark of comfort and luxurious experience, thus taking over the bedroom space. Its composition is a set of the “best of the best” – sophisticated and technologically superior materials, as well as within what we are, without false modesty, unsurpassed –and that is to direct our knowledge to make a mattress recipe for all times.



The heart of each of our mattresses is the handmade Schlafgarten core.

The handmade core, patented by Schlafgarten, incorporates 35% more springs than the machine-made core, so each coil is less stressed. Our core lasts longer and has far better orthopedic-medical properties. Why is that important?

Schlafgarten’s patented handmade core has 4 spring connection points, as opposed to 2 points at machine-made cores. This makes it possible for the pressure to be distributed uniformly to the core not only on one spring but on 9 springs so that each spring is subjected to up to 9 times lower pressure, which affects the durability of the core and improves its properties.

Schlafgarten’s patented handmade core contains outstanding orthopedic-medical properties.

The Schlafgarten patented handmade core behaves like a large air bellows, ensuring smooth air circulation and allowing continuous ventilation of the mattress.

Thanks to the patent designed in this way, with great self-confidence we grant you a 15-year guarantee on the immutability of the core properties.


Comfort and orthopedic-medical properties are at a very high level and we have provided them with a combination of quality materials and ultimate production on the part of Schlafgarten craftsmen with decades of experience in our company.

ADVANCED PROTECTIVE LAYER CORE ZONE – air conductor made of natural, eco-friendly materials

Since nothing is the same compared to its predecessors, we have already enriched this king with a protective layer that has the role of protecting the core from wear and also the comfort level zone from the influence of the core. Why did we decide on an ECOLOGICAL THERMO-FIXED FELT with a high percentage of cotton in it? This composition ensures maximum aeration of the mattress, is 100% recyclable, does not allow moisture retention in the bed and is very durable and resilient, and retains its features for many years. So it not only serves to preserve the elements of the mattress, but also preserves the environment with its composition and ecological properties. Not only that, but this air-permeable layer is inaccessible to bacteria and fungi, which further contributes to a high level of hygiene even in the deepest layers of the mattress.

Following the protective segment lies a far richer layer of selected coconut fibers, along with seaweed associated with latex milk. This element also allows natural airflow, has no allergic potential, is 100% biodegradable and recyclable and in that sense meets all ecological criteria.


Comfort layer = comfortable breathable foam

In Schlafgarten we do not use ordinary, everyday polyurethane foams, so you cannot find sponge in our products. Schlafgarten products contain only high quality foams, technical innovations, including high resilience foam, and this is a standard we cannot compromise on. Why is that important? The quality of the foam material can be judged by several criteria: density, elasticity, air permeability.

  • We use foam with increased density, so our foams are more than 70% denser than conventional foams, which contributes to the longevity of the mattress. This is why the properties of Schlafgarten mattresses do not change over the years.
  • The flexibility of the foam, however, is proportional to the comfort offered by the mattress topper. Foams that we incorporate into Schlafgarten mattresses have a high degree of elasticity and adaptability to your usual sleeping positions.
  • In Schlafgarten we use 100% air-permeable foam (made in “open-cell” technology), which ensures excellent ventilation of the mattress.



THE RECIPE FOR THE KING OF COMFORT is based on a combination of three different foams totaling as much as 10 cm, which provides an experience that will rarely leave anyone indifferent. This lavish comfort layer is uncommon even in the most demanding markets, and we have, not-thriftily, set up a recipe that offers an unprecedented level of comfort.

[What are the parameters that determine the quality of the foam material] link

Our experience in mattress production based not only on theoretical and practical knowledge, education and empirical conclusions, but most of all by talking to our sleepers, has introduced a concept that we have long followed in creating a comfort zone, which is the so-called COMFORT GRADIENT, which implies that in layers closer the CORE zones thick foams are set, whereas sophisticated, ultra-soft foams that give a subtle feeling of softness and comfort are set to the periphery.

King’s high-index HR foam and H5 label-bearing foam guarantees long-lasting and preserving properties for many years, as well as support to the backs of even the heaviest sleepers. The next two foams are from the soft and super soft segments, all built in the optimum thickness so as to provide a finely titrated comfort that even the mattresses of the most luxurious hotels and lounges would envy.

This practically means that this mattress will provide the same level of comfort in twenty years as it did on the first day!

Just imagine the opportunity to provide yourself with a mattress that has an inviolable handmade Schlafgarten core in the CORE zone, whose immutability is guaranteed for 15 years, and a COMFORT layer of foam with no less sustainable performance is built into it – it’s a purchase for most of your life!

And that’s not all…


The COVER layer, as the link between your body and the inside of the mattress, has several functions, so you and your mattress are equally protected. Therefore, careful selection of materials is crucial to ensure the following properties that are compatible with other mattress components, and meet the principles on which our philosophy of quality sleep is based.

As the finishing layer we have used a robust and durable quilted cover whose quality is reflected in the tightness of the fabric and the composition of the material as well. The tightness of the fabric ensures that dust, mites and other unwanted micro particles do not end up in the mattress. With careful selection of materials, this adds to the extra durability of the fabric. We have selected the best materials to ensure that Schlafgarten guarantees a clean and long-lasting place to sleep.

The cover of the Schlafgarten mattresses is made of high-quality materials that give them the following properties:

The capillary structure of the materials from which our covers are made allows air permeability and provides optimal microclimate conditions beneath the sleeper, supporting the concept of the “breathing mattress”.

Our covers are an exception on the market, not only in terms of the type of materials, but also by the yield we produce them with, in double height, i.e. in double weaving, whereby outstanding durability and resilience can be ensured. Such extensive consumption of materials reduces the need for quilting the cover, which otherwise, compromises its elasticity. Therefore, our covers further support the comfort that the high quality foams of the COMFORT ZONE offer.

The elasticity of the materials from which our covers are manufactured, also contributes to the comfort and emphasizes the effect already offered by the materials in the COMFORT ZONE. The covers are extremely elastic, which is in connection with the comfort that they offer the sleeper. Without these properties, the rigid, inelastic cover would significantly reduce the comfort of the comfort layer.

The covers made in Schlafgarten are removable, therefore their hygiene is easy to maintain by washing in the washing machine at a 40 °C-cycle. This, along with the microstructure that dissipates moisture from the body of the sleeper, helps to improve the hygiene of the bed. In addition, the covers for double mattresses are split in two, so that they can be washed in standard volume washing machines, i.e. at home, thereby avoiding additional costs for dry cleaning.


Und ein bisschen mehr über die “Matratze die atmet”

Wissen Sie, dass man im Schlaf bis zu 200 Liter Flüssigkeit pro Jahr verliert? Die Flüssigkeit, die während des Schlafes freigesetzt wird, bleibt nur dann auf der Oberfläche “eingeschlossen”, wenn die Matratze aus solchen Materialien und Schichten besteht, die eine Luftströmung ermöglichen. Auf diese Weise verdampfen überschüssiges Wasser und Schweiß im Laufe des Tages, so dass die Bildung eines Mikroambientes verhindert wird, das der Entwicklung von Milben und Bakterien entspricht und ein Gefühl von Feuchtigkeit und Unwohlsein erzeugt. Jede Schlafgarten Matratze bietet außergewöhnliche Eigenschaften in Bezug auf die Luftströmung durch die Matratze, wodurch ein trockenes und gesundes Schlafklima entsteht.


King ist die Matratze, die sich jeder wünschen wird, besonders diejenigen, die einen raffinierten Geschmack haben und das Bewusstsein für eine langfristige Investition in den wichtigsten Zweck des Schlafes entwickelt haben – Qualität der Erholung. Das Rezept, das die Beziehung zwischen Tragbarkeit und feiner Weichheit darstellt, kombiniert mit einem raffinierten Kaschmir-Finish, macht diese Matratze zu einem Luxus, der den Schlaf auf ein höheres Niveau hebt. Dieser konkurrenzlose Herrscher über verschwenderischen Komfort und verlässliche Langlebigkeit ist Schlafgartens Geschenk an alle, die es lieben, sich selbst zu verwöhnen – also genießen und schlafen Sie KÖNIGLICH!