We spent more than a year designing and almost as much in testing the new concept of premium beds that were finally brought to the domestic market after a picky audience in Vienna. The need for a higher class of mattresses has arisen for several reasons – first and foremost because of the increasing number of clients seeking an additional level of comfort, then those who have affinities for luxurious final layers and, finally, all those who want to wake up in a bed better than in a 5 star hotel. Last but not least, our customers have deserved that Schlafgarten offers them mattresses for all times, irreplaceable in their properties, longevity and durability with the promise that going to bed on them will take on a new dimension. All models from the Premium Schlafgarten Collection are designed to provide a full-body comfort experience, as well as comfort for every part of it – we have taken care for them to suit large as well as small joints, bends, spine, pelvis, and shoulders equally and thus support the whole anatomy of the sleeper, not just the most significant parts.

Here are three new models that Schlarafia has introduced that embellish the performances that make this segment of our offer unique, with an individual comfort experience. Get ready for lavish comfort levels with high quality foam graduation molded into sophisticated final layers enriched with luxurious materials – cashmere, silk and cotton.