In recent decades, Schlafgarten is definitely synonymous with the place where mattresses are bought. If we in Schlafgarten know to make something, it is to create a top mattress. The ability to make high quality sleeping mats depends on our masters’ skills, which require dedication, devotion, concentration and control throughout the final product manufacturing process.
When choosing a mattress, keep in mind that you do not use any other piece of furniture for such a long time on a daily basis, and that you will spend at least 8 hours a day on your mattress. Therefore, this choice should be approached with particular care. That’s why we from Schlafgarten like to give visitors to our salons following, very important tips when buying a mattress:

1. TAKE YOUR TIME WHEN PURCHASING A MATTRESS: One does not choose and purchase a mattress out of the blue. We do not recommend shopping online, unless you are buying a model that you have already tried. The time you spend trying out the mattresses in the salon should not be shorter than 30 minutes, and our customers usually spend a full hour lying on our mattresses.

2. A MATTRESS IS TESTED THE SAME WAY AS IT IS USED: Do not be shy! Do not try it by sitting or hopping on it, touching the edges – because you will not use it that way when it is delivered to you. When lying on the mattress, try to imitate the spontaneous movements that you perform when you go to bed. Our salespeople will make you feel relaxed and they will suggest you to curl up on the mattress, turn and change the pillows just like you do in your home.

3. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, VISIT THE SALES SALON AGAIN: Do not worry, you will not be boring us. Our salespeople are the best consultants for choosing the right mattress, but trust us that they too have chosen their mattress timidly. Having in front of you more than 10 models of quality mattresses can make it difficult even for the most discerning buyers. It is important for us to know that together we have found the best solution for your future bed, so do not hesitate to try the mattress if you are in different moods and shapes.

4. TELL US WHAT YOU DO NOT LIKE IN YOUR MATTRESS: Every word and description of your sleeping habits is valuable information for our salespeople. The better and more detailed your affinities, potential problems and objections to the existing mattress are explained, the easier it is to find a better mattress for you.

5. NOTE ALL THE INFORMATION WE PROVIDE TO YOU DURING THE PRESENTATION: Although the comfort of the mattress is considered a crucial feature, in Schlafgarten we also provide other features that are of great importance for optimal sleeping comfort. Good ventilation properties, superior covers enriched with modern fibers and easy care of mattress hygiene are not negligible factors which affect the microclimate that surrounds us during sleep.

6. WHAT OTHERS SAY IS NOT IMPORTANT – IMPORTANT IS WHAT WORKS FOR YOU: The most important criteria for your future mattress is that you feel comfortable lying on it. So do not ask us which model is the most popular, which one is the most luxurious, or to show you which of the mattresses top athletes, music stars and famous actors sleep on. The only voice you should listen to is the one that comes from your comfort on the mattress you are trying out.

7. DO NOT BLAME YOUR PARTNER IF YOUR BACKS DO NOT LIKE THE SAME THINGS: The fact that you have dedicated your heart and much of your life to the person you love does not mean you enjoy the same mattress features. In situations where two spouses have different sleep needs, we always try to find a solution so that both sleepers get exactly what they want.


The heart of each of our mattresses is the handmade Schlafgarten core. Below are details that demonstrate the superiority of this core in supporting the spine, and its value is outlined in the following text: A machine that makes a commercial industrial core produces 50 single pieces in an hour. The hands of our masters make at the same time only one such hand-knitted core, precisely controlling each thread and spring connection in detail. With this in mind, it is clear that the properties of hand-made mattresses are incomparable when compared to those produced on the production line.


The Schlafgarten foam mattresses are made of latex foam, memory foam and HR foam (high resilience) and are premium quality products in terms of material quality and production quality. Foams from which the skilful hands of the craftsmen of Schlafgarten make these mattresses are the best in their class: they are much denser than foams that are normally used in mattress making. They are made using “open-cell” technology, which means these foams have excellent ventilation (they “breathe”), as well as excellent thermal properties – they do not retain moisture and the foam is bacteria and mite unfriendly.


Often mattress makers cajole the public with the phrase “you spend a third of your life asleep”, mentioning the required 8 out of 24 hours that we should spend sleeping every day. From a medical point of view, it would be wise to ask WHAT PART OF LIFE DO YOU THINK ABOUT when talking about this third? In fact, we enter into life – sleeping, because babies do it better, more intensely, and longer than adults, and so the mattress is the second most important bed for the newborn. The most important, as is known, are the arms of the parents.