For 80 years Schlafgarten has been making the mattresses which are the best to sleep on. From a small workshop in Čubura in Belgrade, we have developed into a modern company operating through the retail network of our own as well as recommended shops. We have equipped many hotels with high quality sleep equipment. We still dream the dream of offering a healthy, comfortable and refreshing dream to many people all over Serbia, as well as to Europe and the world. And we work diligently and eagerly to make dreams come true.


Schlafgarten has developed a modern franchising system. We are ready for new partnerships to expand into new markets. Therefore, we are looking for partners who want to develop their own business together with us, as well as the brand name Schlafgarten. If you have thought about becoming a franchisee, you are in the right place. The Schlafgarten development and support team works with you at every stage of the franchise business model development and implementation process, from planning and equipping the premises to creating a shop concept, employee training and a marketing model for your business, based on our expansion strategy and the further development of the Schlafgarten brand.

Regardless of whether you would like to become our partner in Serbia, one of the surrounding countries, Russia or the EU, we are ready to give you the best possible support to start your business as a Schlafgarten partner. Dare to dream Schlafgarten dreams. They really come true.

For further information please contact our colleague Dejan Todorovic: Tel: 064 113 33 93 or by e-mail: [email protected]


Schlafgarten makes mattresses for hotels where hotel guests sleep best. We have many hotels in Serbia and in the world (Montenegro, Russia, Kazakhstan) as well as mattresses, as well as sleeping systems (beds, beds for mattresses, sheets, bedspreads and other accessories).

In order to improve the relationship with the hotel owners, Schlafgarten has put together a special team that is always at your service for advice, briefing and any help we can offer you. By collaborating with Schlafgarten, hoteliers not only get first-class sleeping accommodations, but also an online service that makes their job easier and increases the quality of service and satisfaction of their guests.

The best example of satisfaction with the sleep and quality of a Schlafgarten mattress is illustrated by this story. Boris Raičević, former Montenegrin basketball player, member of the national team and now owner of the Nikšić-based company Ramond, which deals with furniture trade, carpets and lighting equipment, is Schlafgarten’s partner in Montenegro. Perhaps this story would not be so interesting if Boris had not decided to join the partnership after spending a night sleeping on a Schlafgarten mattress at the Rubin Hotel in Kruševac. When he woke up, relaxed, rested and energetic, Boris immediately looked at the mattress, went to our shop and expressed his desire to become a partner of Schlafgarten – a representative of Montenegro. Boris realized that he wanted to sell mattresses in his furniture store where people would sleep on well, just as he had slept on the Schlafgarten mattress at the Rubin Hotel. Today we work together successfully.

Check which hotels are the best places where to sleep:

  • Hotel Zira – Belgrade
  • Hotel Hyatt Regency – Belgrade
  • Hotel Prag – Belgrade
  • Hotel Pullman – Sochi, Russia
  • Hotel Mercure – Sochi, Russia
  • Hotel Caspian Riviere – Grand Palace – Aktau, Kazakhstan
  • Hotel Grand – Kopaonik
  • Appartements Konaci De Lux – Kopaonik
  • Hotel Srebrna lisica – Kopaonik
  • Hotel Premier Aqua – Vrdnik
  • Hotel Danube Park – Srebrno jezero
  • JAT Hotels Slavija and Slavija Lux – Belgrade
  • Best Western Hotels (Hotel M, Hotel Šumadija) – Belgrade
  • Hotel Rezime Residence – Belgrade
  • Hotel Le Petit Piaf – Belgrade
  • Hotel President – Kovilovo
  • Hotel Europa – Šimanovci
  • Hotel Zeder – Zemun
  • Hotel Forest – Zemun
  • Hotel Villa Casablanca – Vrnjačka Banja
  • Planinarski dom Rtanj – Kopaonik
  • Hotel Moravica – Soko Banja
  • Hotel Tara – Bečići, Montenegro
  • Hotel In – Berane, Montenegro